Denise teaches a number of courses at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University. She regularly tutors numerous Bachelor students in the programme Arts & Culture, delivers lectures in selected courses, helps to improve courses, and supervises BA theses, student internships, as well as literature exams. Denise considers herself a very active teacher who likes to discuss with her students; she tries to engage them in critical exchanges and urges them to take on different perspectives.

Denise is currently acquiring her University Teaching Qualification (UTQ). 

Teaching activities (Arts & Culture, UM):

> Modernity and the Arts II (Course)
> Entering the Field: Literature, Arts and Culture II (Skills Course)
> Art, Literature and Technoscience (Course)
> Doing Conceptual Analysis I (Skills Course)
> Supervision bachelor theses / literature exams
> Supervision of student internships
> Mentoring

Fields of scholarly expertise:

> Contemporary arts (performance and installation art)
> Classical music (particularly symphonic music)
> Time-based media conservation studies
> Science and technology studies (STS)
> Practice approaches
> Ethnographic research

Practical skills:

> Curating / exhibition management
> Academic writing
> Journalistic writing
> Lectures and presentations
> A variety of qualitative research methods (qualitative interviewing, observations, online ethnography, archival reesarch, discourse analysis, conceptual analysis etc.)